Photography by Paul Morrison

Paul Morrison
Being a Florida native, I have a real interest in its historic beauty. I have been able to capture this beauty through my photography. Working with many media's such as clay, oil, stone, glass and metals which have given me a since of creativity that I bring to my photography/art. As publisher of a Florida-based magazine, Florida Sunrise Magazine (in the works), I've had an opportunity to travel extensively around the state.

My portfolio is comprised of color images, while my greatest emphasis is in architecture. I look for the graphic characteristics as well as a structural abstract point of view.

The viewer should be influenced physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Each photograph conveys the sharpness, color, contrast, design, and texture, and in many instances, an illusion.

As a self-taught photographer and artist, I enjoy the creative process working with metals, paper, to the dripping paint from various subjects.

Please visit the web page from time to time to see new additions to my portfolio. Enjoy.

Prints, greeting cards, and commissioned work are available upon request.


Recommended Vendors:
Mary's Flower Shoppe
1500 Beville Rd., Ste. 601
Daytona Beach, FL 32114



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Photography by Paul Morrison